Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads Review

Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads Review & Photos
Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads Review & Photos

The reusable makeup pads from Face Halo.

The Review:

The Face Halo Makeup Remover launch in 2018 was met with much fanfare. Everyone was intrigued on their new way of removing makeup. The execution is quite simple – grab a Face Halo Makeup Removing Pad, wet it with plain water, and you can wipe off your entire face of makeup with it.

First, let’s talk about the actual pads. They are about the size of my palm. They are made of a soft cotton-like fibre, has a plush feel to them, and both sides are usable.

Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads Review & Photos (front side)
Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads Review & Photos (front side)
Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads Review & Photos (back side)
Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads Review & Photos (back side)

In terms of application, I’ve wet mine with cold tap water and tried to remove my makeup. It managed to remove all the foundation and most of the eye makeup, including mascara. There was no tugging or pulling required,as the makeup came off quite easily.

I would say the Face Halo is on-par with any regular makeup removing liquid or lotion. I even ran an additional layer of the Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover all over my face, and it picked up very minimal residual makeup.

How to Keep It Clean:

Remember this is a re-usable product. Hence, once you’ve used it, you’ll need to wash the makeup off the pad, and this proved to be challenging. The first time I used this, it was late at night, so I didn’t end up washing the pad straight away, and found it impossible to clean. I’ve tried handwashing it with soap, and even washing it in the washing machines with a full cycle. The white surface of the pad just wouldn’t return to its brand new looking state.

The second time I tested the Face Halo, I washed this straight away with soap and managed to wash off most of the makeup from the pad.However, it still required a full cycle in the washing machine to get it completely clean.

I truly appreciate the wastefulness of using disposable cotton pads, hence I was happy to spend the money to try an environmentally friendly alternative. But I honestly don’t know who would have the time to wash and dry this every single night after use. If Face Halo were to update their product with an easy to clean version, then I’m definitely happy to try it again.

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  1. I love the Face Halo! However, I think I prefer to original over the Pro as I can’t tell how much as come off on the black cloth.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the Pro versions. Like how I can even tell whether it’s dirty or clean LOL

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