About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m a passionate makeup and skincare collector and enthusiast. Here on this site, you’ll find in-depth reviews, photos and opinions about beauty products that I find interesting and worth discussing. Occasionally I also share some musings about brands, founders and trends.

I initially started my Instagram page @editionalbeauty to document this aspect of my life, then later expanded into the blogging space.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. I work full time in the accounting and finance industry. The online beauty community has been a wonderful creative outlet for me. There are so much amazing content and resources created by makeup lovers like me, and available for the world to enjoy, I hope my blog can contribute to this community in a positive way.

All blog posts are always written by me, and only my honest opinion is expressed. Please keep in mind that these do not represent the views and opinions of any brand or company.

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